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Requesting a book or article

Interlibrary loans / Document delivery service: procedures

An interlibrary loan service (also know as document delivery service) is available for all Austin Health and MHW (Heidelberg) staff.  A journal article or book from another Library can be requested on your behalf. Check if you are eligible and if so, follow the steps below before submitting your request.

Who can submit a request

- Austin staff: full-time, part-time, contract
- Mercy Hospital for Women (MHW) - Heidelberg


- Placement students: Austin & MHW (Heidelberg)
Contact your University Library

Before submitting a request complete the steps below

Using our catalogue will give you immediate access to the articles and books in our print and online collections that we subscribe to or have purchased.


Search Google Scholar or Google

If the article is not in our catalogue, then use Google Scholar or Google. More articles are becoming freely available online through the Open Access initiatives. 

Check the journal website

Go directly to the journal website. Many journals offer free access to some or all of their articles. Search or browse their journal archive.

An article title in square brackets usually means the article is not available in English. Check the PubMed record to see to if there is an English language version. Only the abstract is in English for some articles.

For example: Title: [Injuries of the proximal interphalangeal joint].

PubMed record showing language of article

The title and abstract may be in English, but the full article is only available in the language displayed.

If you are affiliated with a university you will have access to their Library. Check their catalogue as they may subscribe to a journal that Austin does not.

Australian copyright laws applies to all requests. Please complete the Copyright Declaration with your full name and Library barcode number to authenticate the request as your own. Adhering to copyright ensures we can continue to provide this service.

Due to copyright and licensing agreements some articles:

  • Can be supplied via email
  • Can be supplied only by fax
  • Can be supplied only in print 

Submit a request for an interlibrary loan

After you have completed the steps above, submit one of the following forms (one form per item).



Inter-Library loan fee

The Austin Library has reciprocal arrangements with other libraries that allow us to share articles. In rare circumstances your requested article may not be available to us via our reciprocal arrangements. We can make a request to a commercial document delivery service on your behalf; this may incur a fee. We will confirm with you via email that your department is willing to pay this cost before we proceed.