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Library spaces & facilities

Printing in the Austin Library
Printing and scanning is available on the multifunction printer which is located outside the Group Study Room, directly in front of you when you enter.

Selecting the printer: preferred option 
Go to File > Print and select HLTLIB_PAPERCUT then Print. 

Go to the printer and enter your Department Code to release and print your document/s. A list of codes is on the wall above the printer. Note that there is a 50 page printing limit.


If papercut is not displayed, choose HLTLIB12P and print. Your document/s will print immediately.


Copyright law

Please adhere to copyright when printing and scanning. Further details on what you can and cannot copy are available on the copyright notices next to the printer. The Library printing system flags large print runs that may breach copyright.

Please think before you print!

Do you need a print copy? Can you print double-sided? Have you checked your document in print preview? Can you print in black and white?

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